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China Automobile Mould

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Qiming Salesnetwork

Company Intro

Taizhou Qiming Mould Co., Ltd is located at Huangyan, which is the famous Mould Town of China. Established in 1995, Qiming is a comprehensive enterprise engages in rubber mould making, injection molding, and injection processing. The main products are automotive bumper moulds, auto grill moulds, fender moulds, water tank moulds, auto lamp moulds, automobile interior decoration moulds, motorcycle parts moulds, household moulds.

For years, with continuous updating of technology and perfecting management system, Qiming has accumulated rich technology and experience, and provided customers with high quality products and service . Qiming has high reputation in mould industry. The products have been exported to Taiwan, Iran, Parkistan, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Arabia, German,Italy and so on.

Quality Control

High quality,credit comes first,make you much valuable.

Enterprise Culture

Qiming Culture:Troops+School+Facmily
Enhance the group cohesion,we are the family.

Flow Chart of Project Engineering Control

Take the market as the goal,strives for the survival by the quality.
©Taizhou Qiming Mould Co.,ltd

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